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Rick And Morty to get the 37-piece orchestral accompaniment it's always been missing

Image: Adult Swim

If there’s one thing that Adult Swim’s wildly inventive Rick And Morty has been missing all these years, it’s a way for the show to tell its more enthusiastic fans to calm the fuck down and just enjoy the jokes. But if there’s two things the Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland-created series has been demanding, that second one is probably some kind of 37-piece orchestra to back up its big musical swings.

But no more! Consequence Of Sound reports that the Sanchez/Smith clan will have pride of place at Adult Swim’s upcoming first annual music festival in L.A., complete with full orchestral accompaniment for the “Rick And Morty Musical Ricksperience,” a performance of the show’s music and score. The performance is also set to include some unnamed special guests, and given the show’s long-running association with festival acts like Chaos Chaos and Run The Jewels, we can devise at least a few decent guesses as to who they might be.


The Adult Swim Festival is scheduled to run from October 5 to October 7 in L.A.

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