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Photo: Adult Swim (YouTube)

Looking back, were we wrong to assume that Adult Swim would be giving us a more regular stream of new Rick And Morty adventures after picking the show up for 70 episodes and then promising that there’d be no more massive gaps in between seasons? Because the long-awaited fourth season has only aired five episodes since starting in November and it’s now April… but maybe a gap in the middle of the season doesn’t really count as a gap between seasons? Either way, Adult Swim threw Rick And Morty fans a bone last night with a violent new anime-inspired short written and directed by Kaichi Sato of… this Twitter feed and some anime stuff we couldn’t find much record of on the American internet.

But anyway, it’s a pretty cool short! Called Samurai And Shogun, it’s about one of the multiverse’s many Ricks fighting off an army of Ninja Ricks as they try to capture Shogun Morty. It’s not even six minutes long, so it’s barely a drop in the Szechuan sauce ocean of time that Rick And Morty fans have been waiting for more Rick And Morty content, but maybe you should just watch it over and over again until there are more real episodes to watch.

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