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Rick And Morty’s new credit sequence would be right at home on a Super Nintendo

Screenshot: Rick And Morty 8-Bit Intro

Rick And Morty’s third season still doesn’t have a start date, but to tide the world over, Adult Swim has released a video-game-inspired de-make of the opening credits. It’s not quite fair to call it 8-bit—[Pushes up glasses.] an NES couldn’t render this much this quickly—but it has the jaggy charm and lush animation of recent retro games like Owlboy and Stardew Valley.

Animated by Paul Robertson, who also did Adult Swim’s Super Dino Boys, the short clip recreates many of the unforgettable images and creations of the show, including that one monster with the nutsack on his chin. It also plays with the camera a little, rendering portions like a vintage side-scroller or action game.


For edification, the original version is below.

[via Laughing Squid]

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