Rick And Morty

Last month, we brought you a trailer for a new virtual reality experience—designed by Owlchemy Labs, of Job Simulator fame—set in the horrifying, fascinating world of Justin Roiland’s Rick And Morty. And while that brief glimpse got our plumbuses all aquiver, apparently it wasn’t enough for Roiland. The creator—who voices both of his show’s title characters, and is a self-avowed video game nerd—has announced that he’s now starting a VR development studio of his own. And, owing both to his own work and the gaming giants of the past, he’s calling it Squanchtendo.

Roiland is working alongside veteran developer Tanya Watson (the Gears Of War games, Bulletstorm) to found the studio, whose origins you can see in a comic press-release Roiland unleashed today, complete with yet another cheerfully nihilistic catchphrase to go right up there with “wubba-lubba-dub-dub.” We have no idea what sort of games Squanchtendo will make (or if they’ll have any overt Rick & Morty connections), but given Roiland’s demented inventiveness and Watson’s track record but we can only assume they’ll be suitably deranged.


[via Uproxx]