Image: Adult Swim

It’s seemingly been a long wait for the return of Rick And Morty to the airwaves as fans are chomping at the bit to find out the fate of everyone’s favorite mad scientist. But that wait has been filled with various distractions, like a fun mobile game, some crazy (if plausible) fan theories, and even an overly informative video about how plumbuses are made. But now there’s another way to hold off the Squanchy withdrawals as a new video has come onto the net that features Rick and Morty possibly at their most profane. The twist? It’s all real-life dialogue taken from one of the craziest court transcripts of all time.

In the case of State Of Georgia V. Denver Fenton Allen, things get off to a rocky start when the defendant requests a new attorney and then things quickly escalate (or devolve, depending on how one views it) from there as both the judge and the defendant get more and more riled up. And now it has been adapted to a storyboard animatic with Justin Roiland performing both parts with Rick in place of the wily defendant and Morty as the increasingly exasperated judge. While the inappropriate words have been censored, the video may be NSFW with all of the bleeping:

It’s possibly one of the funniest and most headscratching exchanges in legal history, with discussions of penis sizes, butt sizes, murderous threats, and various insults hurled back and forth at each other. In other words, it’s perfect for the stammering voices of Rick and Morty to deliver. The video was originally put together for San Diego Comic-Con this year, but has since been uploaded by Adult Swim. If this portends that the new season of Rick And Morty will become a legal procedural, then all the better for it, especially if Rick continues to be his own legal counsel.