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Rick And Morty hits the road in schwifty new Rickmobile

(Photo: Adult Swim)

Rick And Morty fans have a new way to show their devotion to the show that doesn’t involve spending hundreds of dollars on eBay for photographs of decades-old packets of McDonald’s promotional sauces. Adult Swim has announced the ”Don’t Even Trip Road Trip,” a promotional tour that’ll see a mobile pop-up shop dubbed the Rickmobile—because it’s got a giant, barf-mouthed Rick crouching on its back like a weird, evil mad scientist cat—travel the country, selling custom-designed show merch.

The tour’s scheduled to hit 40 cities, starting in Atlanta on May 11. (You can see a map of all the destinations, plus the spots where the truck will actually be parked in each town, right here.) Meanwhile, the show itself is back for its third season some time this summer, although Adult Swim’s still staying cagey about the actual date.


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