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Rick And Morty goes Down Under in this April Fool's Day special

This is, apparently, Mordi and Reek
Screenshot: Bushworld Adventures (Adult Swim)

In what may or may not become a tradition, Adult Swim released another surprise installment of Rick And Morty on April Fool’s Day. Actually, it’s more of a parody than a canonical episode, and certainly nowhere near as well-made as “The Rickshank Redemption,” the season-three premiere that dropped last year.

Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon are nowhere to be found this episode, which was written and produced by TripTank’s Michael Cusack. Rick and Morty are also absent, as this “Bushworld Adventures” short stars Reek and Mordi, who are trying to get to Bendigo for a mysterious Green Cube. But even under these aliases and Australian accents, Reek and Mordi’s relationship is pretty similar to the one we’ve seen play out for three seasons. Rick—sorry, Reek—is an abusive asshole, and Mordi mostly accomplishes things by accident. Things get dark fast, though, as Reek almost immediately pulls a portal gun on his grandson.


Though there’s a callback to the real Rick And Morty pilot, this nonsensical adventure Down Under will probably have no bearing on the show, which is currently on hiatus. But it’s still streaming online, in case you didn’t catch it during last night’s marathon. And here’s a deleted scene/GIF:

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