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Rick And Morty face the music and dance in this hypnotic fan-made video

At its core, Adult Swim’s Rick And Morty is an affirmation of life, a call to arms for all of the show’s sedentary, couch-bound viewers. Life is finite and can be violently interrupted at any given moment, the show repeatedly teaches. Under those circumstances, why not do the most insane, dangerous, irresponsible shit imaginable? While nervous Nellie Morty frets and second guesses and ponders all the worst case scenarios, Rick drunkenly charges forward, adapting to any given catastrophe, no matter how ridiculous. That is the core message of “Dance Bitch,” a track from Allie Goertz’s Sad Dance Songs, a Kickstarter-funded concept album inspired by Rick And Morty. Goertz already made a pretty nifty video for “Dance Bitch,” taking on the coveted role of Rick and faithfully recreating some choreography from the show as well as one of its principal locations. Now, another fan, Dustin Moore, has created his own video for “Dance Bitch” using actual clips from the series.


Dance Bitch - A Rick and Morty Fan Edit from Dustin Moore on Vimeo.

Not surprisingly, Goertz’s hyper-catchy song pairs very well with genuine Rick And Morty footage, and Moore has done a fine job finding clips from the series that match the cadence of the music. Viewers should not expect much in the way of lip syncing, however. It’s not that kind of fan video, but it is a potent tribute to the series. Gross-out jokes and debauchery aside, Rick And Morty is one of the most visually stunning shows on television, and Moore’s video captures its quasi-hallucinogenic beauty. But there is still room for plenty of Rick’s signature belching, as well as several iterations, both spoken and sung, of his immortal catchphrase, “Wubba lubba dub dub!”

And here, for comparison’s sake, is Goertz’s own video.

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