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Having already picked up an Emmy for her talent for writing stories about bright green, surprisingly brilliant forces of destruction, Rick And Morty writer Jessica Gao has just scored her next gig: Serving as head writer on Disney+’s upcoming She-Hulk show. Gao—whose other credits include Corporate, Robot Chicken, and Silicon Valley—is the first staff member to join the series, part of the massive content bolus Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige horfed up at this year’s D23.

For those unfamiliar with the character, She-Hulk is the cousin of Bruce Banner, whose gamma radiation-powered transformations come with the twist of letting her retain her full intellect even when hulked out, allowing her to pursue her day job as an attorney even as she also smashes bad guys alongside the likes of the Fantastic Four. That mix of legal weirdness and superhero action has always lent her books a more comedic tone—this being the book that established, for instance, that law firms on Earth-616 maintain full archives of in-universe Marvel Comics, the better to bust them out as evidence in court.


Gao won an Emmy last year for her script for Rick And Morty’s “Pickle Rick” episode. She left the series after its third season, and was previously working on developing a new series for ABC.

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