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Rick And Morty adds Paul Giamatti, Sam Neill, Taika Waititi, and Kathleen Turner to its upcoming season

Image: Adult Swim

As one of the most rapidly ascendant animated series in recent memory, Rick And Morty has never had much trouble attracting high-quality guest star talent; even in its first year on the air, Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland’s sci-fi opus was pulling in folks like Alfred Moilina, Dana Carvey, and John Oliver to take some of the pressure off Roiland and voice the show’s various side characters. Once it caught on with the mainstream public, though, the sky was the limit; Jemaine Clement, Stephen Colbert, Werner Herzog, and even Susan Sarandon have all graced the show with their presence, facing off against various members of the Sanchez/Smith crew (and usually Rick himself).

This steady flood of film and TV royalty doesn’t look to be abating, either; per an Entertainment Weekly interview this week with Harmon and Roiland, Paul Giamatti, Sam Neill, Taika Waititi, and Kathleen Turner have all signed on for the Adult Swim series’ much-anticipated fourth season. That’s a powerful host of distinctive voices (and, in two cases, former King Of The Hill guest stars), and while Roiland and Harmon didn’t reveal much in the way of specifics, they did note that Neill and Waititi would both appear in the same episode for a shared dose of New Zealander flair.


Tragically (?) missing from the list, though, was the name of one high-profile Rick And Morty fan: Kanye West, who’s previously expressed an interest in doing something with the show, even beyond the professional fan-fiction Roiland has already created for him in the past. Not yet, though; according to the co-creator, “We’re trying to schedule something” with the music star/Pornhub ambassador/ugly shoe designer/human Rorschach test.

Rick And Morty’s fourth season is currently expected to arrive in November, more than two years after the show last released new episodes. Roiland and Harmon are both promising that the show’s production (which recently got a massive 70-episode order) will pick up speed soon, though, and that the upcoming run of shows will feature more heavily serialized elements than what we’ve seen before. (And also, again, Kathleen Turner.)

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