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Richie Rich getting a new live-action series on Netflix

In an effort to make sure today’s children learn that money definitely buys happiness, Netflix has acquired a half-hour, live-action series based on the comic strip Richie Rich. The new show will follow Richie, the wealthiest kid in the world, after he makes a trillion dollars off the invention and sale of a new green technology—an origin that sets the series apart from both the original comic strip and the 1994 live-action movie starring Macaulay Culkin. In both those iterations, Richie came by his money the traditional way: by having really wealthy parents. The new Richie Rich has been updated for kids living in today’s unpredictable economic climate, a place where they have to show a little hustle before being allowed to live in staggering luxury, take trips to Antarctica, and mingle with celebrities.

The initial order for Richie Rich is for 21 episodes, to be streamed to subscribers in the U.S., Canada, and Latin America sometime in early 2015. Netflix bought the series from AwesomenessTV, a popular YouTube channel and division of DreamWorks Animation known for creating programming that appeals to young people and all the baffling stuff they’re into.


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