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Richard Spencer got glasses so people won’t punch him in the face

Photo: Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

A public service announcement from your friends at The A.V. Club: If you see a man who you swear is white supremacist Richard Spencer, only he’s wearing glasses, don’t be like the citizens of Metropolis. Look past those thick black frames, and recognize the punchable Nazi contained within. Conveniently ignoring the fact that the character was created by two Jewish teenagers, Spencer has taken a page from Superman’s playbook and has started wearing what he calls “Clark Kent glasses” in public in an attempt to avoid being recognized, and subsequently punched.

That’s from a BuzzFeed News report about Spencer’s new business venture, the so-called “AltRight Corporation,” for which he’s partnered with two white nationalist Swedish media companies. Described by Spencer as a “more ideological Breitbart,” the company will focus on producing explicitly anti-immigrant and anti-Semitic propaganda with the goal of creating a white “ethno state.” Under the guise of a news site, the AltRight Corporation will “create a consciousness that something like an ethno state would be possible when the contingencies of history allow,” Spencer says. Why, it’s almost like he’s spouting convoluted jargon to try to trick people into thinking he isn’t a fucking Nazi.


So do your part, citizens. If you happen to be walking around the streets of Stockholm and you see Richard Spencer, this is the one instance where ripping the glasses off of someone’s face and grinding them into the sidewalk like a schoolyard bully is totally okay.

[via Death And Taxes]


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