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Richard Linklater to direct Obama-inspired (sorta) romantic comedy

Richard Linklater, the director behind Waking Life, Before Sunrise, and, let's be frank, the Billy Bob-powered Bad News Bears, is taking a crack at a new romantic comedy. According to Variety, Linklater is nearing a deal to direct Liars (A-E), about a young woman on her way to Obama's inauguration, who visits all of her ex-boyfriends to retrieve things she lost during each of the relationships. The screenplay is written by relative newcomer Emma Forrest, a British novelist whose previous claim to fame in Hollywood was not getting thanked by boyfriend Colin Farrell in his Best Actor acceptance speech at the 2008 Golden Globes. Nick And Norah's Infinite Playlist's Kat Dennings is set to appear as the protagonist's friend. No word yet on further casting or, you know, what the inauguration has to do with anything.


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