Richard Linklater’s portrait of a young opportunist College Republicans—which tells the story of a twentysomething Karl “Turd Blossom” Rove, back when he was just a nascent shit-bulb—is moving forward with a November start date and Paul Dano in the lead role, according to The Wrap. Dano is taking over the part from early contender Shia LaBeouf, providing the same appropriate smugness to his portrayal of the strategist who came of the age at the tail-end of ’60s idealism, was ruthlessly mocked by hippies, and then channeled his anger into the art of political dirty tricks with the help of mentor Lee Atwater (who has yet to be cast). Linklater plans to film in Austin, naturally, which has any number of music venues to host the inevitable scene of Lee Atwater shredding on some blues guitar.