Donnie Darko director Richard Kelly's long-awaited Southland Tales has been delayed for so long (following its disastrous premiere at Cannes) that its not-too-distant future setting of 2008 is about to become a very real, very outdated present. Recently, the director finally offered an update on his Myspace blog, saying that he is "halfway through completing all of the new visual effects," which he plans to complete by the end of the summer, with a trailer and release date soon to follow. Kelly has good reason to put Southland Tales behind him, as he is already gearing up to shoot The Box—a big-screen remake of the '80s Twilight Zone episode "Button, Button" starring, in Kelly's words, "the one and only Ms. Cameron Diaz"—this November. (You know, as opposed to that other Cameron Diaz. The one who doesn't suck.) [via PopCandy]