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Richard E. Grant joins Wolverine 3 as its resident mad scientist

Richard E. Grant is the one with eyes (Doctor Who)

Because there has to be somebody monkeying around with science in Logan’s world—and it might as well be the guy who once played The Great Intelligence—Richard E. Grant has joined the cast of Wolverine 3 as its resident mad scientist. The Hollywood Reporter broke the news, describing Grant’s character as a “villainous mad-scientist type.” THR could offer no other info about the evil genius, such as whether his discipline is mad physiology, mad immunology, or mad genomics (everyone knows mad alchemy isn’t a real science). But that’s still more than what was initially offered up for Grant’s upcoming Game Of Thrones role, though this fan site has a guess (and pictures) as to who he’s playing.

Details about the third Wolverine film have been as scant as Hugh Jackman’s chances of wearing a shirt—it might be based on “Old Man Logan,” and it might be rated R. We do know that Patrick Stewart will be in it, and that NarcosBoyd Holbrook has been cast as Wolverine’s furless foe, a “relentless, calculating, and intense head of security for a global enterprise.” That conglomerate will probably also have Grant’s scientist in its employ, which should make for some fun water-cooler conversations. The Wolverines James Mangold is back to helm this sequel, which could begin shooting in May.


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