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Richard Dreyfuss will play someone's dad in a pilot for TBS

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Richard Dreyfuss is set to play the father of one of the main characters on Your Family Or Mine, an adaptation of a popular Israeli sitcom of the same name coming to TBS. Developed by Friends and How I Met Your Mother veteran Greg Malins, the show is about a married couple that spends each episode with a different set of family members—visiting the wife’s family in one episode, the husband’s family in the next, and so on until the producers get tired of the gimmick. This will be the first regular series role Dreyfuss has had since his short-lived CBS drama The Education Of Max Bickford ended in 2002, although he’s since showed up in recurring roles on shows like Weeds and Parenthood. The Israeli version of Your Family ended up running for 50 episodes, so hopefully the American version will stick around long enough to make use of Dreyfuss’ talent for extremely awkward family dinner scenes.


Take a look at the English-language trailer for Your Family Or Mine below.

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