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Richard Belzer makes satirical points with rape joke, Nazi salute on Fox news show

Continuing his bid to be the nexus of the TV universe, comedian and Law And Order: SVU star Richard Belzer appeared on Fox's Good Day New York today, where he attempted to close the gap between inane morning news show banter, his own series' blunt explorations of sex crime, and simplistic, Godwin's Law-evoking cable punditry. Belzer's otherwise-ordinary (but possibly addled) segment took its turn after Belzer was asked whether anchor Dave Price—who bears a very slight resemblance to Belzer—might be able to play his brother on the show. "If he gets molested and banged in the ass," Belzer replied to their smiling, morning news show-anchor faces, setting off a rush to end the interview that culminated in Belzer, as he is often wont to do, delivering an ironic Nazi salute and offering a "Sieg Heil to all your colleagues at the other division." Belzer's rep has already issued a statement calling Belzer's Nazi jab a "satirical gesture toward Fox News, whose ideology he is opposed to." Get it? Because they're Nazis. Well, so long as it was thought-out.  [via Gawker]

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