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Rian Johnson wants to talk to you while you try to watch Looper

Like a time traveler returning to the past to confront his younger, oddly puffy self, the audience is naturally encouraged to go back to Rian Johnson's Looper more than once to untangle its tricky timeline, and also give Rian Johnson more money. And just as he did for The Brothers Bloom, Johnson has recorded a commentary track that's meant to be downloaded then enjoyed while you watch the film a second time. Johnson has already put the audio up for free via the film's website, explaining that it's totally different ("a bit more technical and detailed") from what will eventually go on the Blu-ray/DVD release, and specifically meant to be listened to while you're actually in the theater—taking pains, of course, to keep your goddamned little glowing screen in your pocket, you thoughtless, self-absorbed son of a bitch. (Note: Not a direct quote.) Click here to download it, then take it with you to soundtrack your next screening of Looper. Or hey, put it on as make-out music. Who is Rian Johnson to tell you what to do with it?


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