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Rian Johnson talks Rob Zombie's "Dragula," dogs wearing pants in hilarious new interview

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There’s a shade of Between Two Ferns in Birth.Movies.Death’s transcendent new interview with The Last Jedi and Knives Out director Rian Johnson. “How long do ya think until we get the Fan Remake of Knives Out?” asks the site’s Scott Wampler, referencing the prolonged, troll-assisted backlash to the filmmaker’s Star Wars sequel. But Johnson’s demonstrated a chummy sense of humor time and again over the years, and here it comes out in spades—or, should we say, knives?—as he keeps up with Wampler’s absurd string of questions.


They include which Noah Segan characters he’d marry, fuck, and kill, as well as his thoughts on social media and what it would look like if dogs wore pants. And though Johnson can’t answer definitively as to how much Looper star Bruce Willis likes being tickled, he wagers that Willis “strikes me as someone who would be very ticklish.” (Emphasis theirs.)

Perhaps the best part of the interview, however, comes right at the top when Wampler asks a question he says he didn’t get to ask his previous interviewee, Rob Zombie.

I had to interview Rob Zombie a couple weeks ago, and there was a question I wanted to get to but simply didn’t have the time for. So, I’m gonna go ahead and switch that question over to you.


In your 1998 single, “Dragula”, is the Dragula a car that is a vampire, or is the Dragula a car that’s intended to be driven by vampires?

Well, that’s an interesting question.

From your album Hellbilly Deluxe, this was.

I would have to look it up on my phone, I think...

Look, is the Dragula a vampire or not?

I was told there’d be no Star Wars questions.

Not gonna answer the question, huh? Typical.

No, I put these songs out there, and it’s up to the fans to do the work. I make the stew and I serve it, but I’m not gonna sit here explaining the ingredients to you.


By our estimation, the Dragula itself is clearly the corrupting force, filled as it is with red devils in the music video. See for yourself below, but not before reading our review of Johnson’s latest.

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