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Rian Johnson, Mark Hamill, and the Star Wars fanbase gathered 'round for one Twitter user's inaugural binge

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Star Wars is such a massive cultural phenomenon, complete with oodles of lore and no shortage of discourse, that it might seem unbelievable when you find someone who’s never watched the franchise. At all. As crazy as it is, they exist, and the internet just watched a non-Star Wars fan turn into the biggest emblem of hope and wholesomeness the fandom has. It all started late last month when @vibeswithcisco, a.k.a. Mirandawho goes by Mar, according to Fansided— started tweeting about Reylo (aka the Rey and Kylo ship) and how she had never seen a single film from the saga. She quickly realized she had a ton of mutuals who not only loved the movies, but were encouraging her to watch them. And watch Star Wars she did.

What started as a binge of one of the biggest film franchises of all time turned into a lovefest of onlookers cheering Mar on. She was introduced to C3PO and R2D2, who “look soft as hell;” she asserted how gorgeous Luke Skywalker is; and dubbed Supreme Leader Snoke anugly old ass lookin’ raisin.Mar also loves Padmé—which is the correct feeling to have for Queen Amidala—and her love story with Anakin, which leads to maybe one of the best moments in her threads.


It’s thrilling to see her live through the big reveals, like Vader being Luke’s father. And fans, new and old, were there for it.


Even the official Star Wars account welcomed her.


Rian Johnson was excited about Mar’s viewing as well, interacting with her when her laptop cut out while watching The Last Jedi. And do not worry about Mark Hamill seeing Mar fawn over him: He is fully aware of it and sends his regards.


In a fandom known for its toxicity at times, it’s refreshing to see someone gain so much love online. Whether you ship Reylo or not, or like Star Wars, finding joy online is a celebration. May the force be with Mar.


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