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Rian Johnson directed the new LCD Soundsystem video, but it doesn't have any Porgs

Screenshot: YouTube

Watch out, LCD Soundsystem fans, because everything you like about the band is about to get disassembled and reshaped into something new by Star Wars: The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson. Alright, he only directed the video for the LCD Soundsystem song “Oh Baby,” but it stands to reason that he could be shaking things up for the band just like he did for the Skywalkers in The Last Jedi. Oh, you thought James Murphy was a space-badass who never doubted himself? Well, it turns out he lives on an island full of space-puffins and now thinks that maybe LCD Soundsystem made the galaxy a worse place.

Seriously, though, this video has nothing to do with Star Wars, but it is a bit sci-fi and it does end with a gut punch like Luke’s death in The Last Jedi. The video actually stars Sissy Spacek and David Strathairn, and Johnson posted a Twitter thread about the making of the “Oh Baby” video that features some fun, behind-the-scenes details.


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