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Revivals of The Shield and Terriers could happen, but probably won’t


Reboots and sequels used to be the hottest way to wring more money out of an old TV show or movie, but these days it’s all about revivals. All you need to do is get the old cast back in their old costumes, throw them into a relatively new adventure, and fans will tune in whether the stories are good or not. Those new episodes of The X-Files that Fox aired recently were pretty solid, but come on, we all would’ve watched them no matter what. Accomplished producer and screenwriter Shawn Ryan seems to have kept a close eye on this trend, and he has even thought about how he could bring back a couple of his most famous projects—even though it seems unlikely that he actually would.

First up is The Shield, which Ryan created and was the showrunner for. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ryan has “some ideas” about where Michael Chiklis’ Vic Mackey might be today, but he says he can’t know for sure until he gets in a room with The Shield’s writers so they can take “a week to sort it out.” Basically, it sounds like he’d be up for it, but nobody has really asked him to do it and—though he’s thought about what story a Shield revival could tell—he hasn’t actually worked out the details. Still, it’s better than him saying he’d never do it.


However, Ryan was also a producer on Terriers, and it sounds like some actual work has been done on making a revival of that happen. According to Deadline, Ryan and Terriers creator Ted Griffin announced at ATX TV fest that they “may have investigated” bringing the series back in some way, adding that they “would like to make a movie.” On top of that, they “have the idea” of what they’d want to do with a Terriers revival, it’s just a matter clearing the rights with Fox (which produced the one-season series). Still, Ryan says that if stars Donal Logue and Michael Raymond-James are “up to it” and if they could get the studio on board, then it’s something that they “would definitely revisit.”

So, there you have it. He said “definitely.” Terriers: The Movie is officially coming soon to a…streaming service near you. (We’re being reasonable. Nobody would see that in the theaters.)

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