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Revitalized Hammer Films to Venture Into Publishing

According to Variety Hammer Films, which recently rose from its crypt to capitalize on the never-ending horror boom, is looking to expand into publishing through synergistic book deals involving its roster of spooktacular upcoming films from prominent frightmasters. The article quotes some corporate weasel braying, "Hammer is an iconic household name with a loyal fanbase and the raft of forthcoming initiatives will create a whole new generation of devotees."

Though it hasn't released a fim since the 1980s, Hammer has fifteen projects in development, including a remake of Let The Right One In from Cloverfield helmer Matt Reeves. Will hicks nix publishing blitz from makers of fright flicks? Will Hammer's household name, loyal fanbase and raft of forthcoming inititiatives create a whole new generation of devotees? Only time will tell. We remain, as always, cautiously optimistic.


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