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Revisit the entire Matrix trilogy in 90 brief seconds

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Time is precious. Why waste it by watching something longer than 90 seconds? Practically everything worth knowing can be fully explained in under two minutes. For example, a towel seems like it would be very complicated to use, unless it’s being efficiently demonstrated by an expert. The same is true when watching sci-fi films, such as Jurassic World and the Back To The Future series. Or, in this case, The Matrix trilogy.


Burger Fiction has returned with a new video to highlight the most noteworthy scenes in The Wachowskis’ hit franchise. As expected, there are quite a few action-packed moments throughout. And, of course, it’s hard to miss the many instances where Agent Smith taunts Neo with his given name, Mr. Anderson. Thankfully, the edits have been weighed in proportion to the quality of each movie. In the words of Tank, “It’s a very exciting time.”

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