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“Reviewy CK” assigns grades to common household objects

Comedian Brock Baker, who previously gave the world a Swedish Chef version of Sia’s “Chandelier,” also happens to do a world-class Louis CK impression. But what to do with that kind of talent? How does one go about putting such a skill to its best possible use? For Baker, the answer was simple: Have Louis give his pithy, occasionally profanity-laden opinions about cheap dollar-store crap in the guise of “Reviewy CK.” Here he is, for instance, opining about a paper plate: “Hey, everyone. Reviewy CK here again. Today we got, uh, we got a paper plate from the Super Bowl. It’s got hot sauce stains. You know, I haven’t eaten in a while.” (He then affects a snotty, spoiled-sounding voice: “I’m starving. I’m literally starving.”) Capping off the assessment? “I’m gonna have to give this a C-!” End of review.


A cup seemingly meant for a small child, on the other hand, is worthy of an A+. Why? “It’s got a fuckin’ duck on it!”

Reviewy CK is also fond of an eraser that manages to cleanly remove the word “shit” from a dry erase board. This, too, is deemed worthy of an A+.

Those who find their appetites whetted for more of Baker as CK are hereby referred to a YouTube video called “18 Amazing Celebrity Impressions,” in which the internet funnyman uses the popular but deeply creepy Face Swap Live app to superimpose CK’s face onto his own head.


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