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We’ve waited for more than a year to find out when Review will return to terrorize its terminally open-minded host Forrest MacNeil (Andy Daly) once more. Back in February 2016, Comedy Central announced that the show would end after an abbreviated third and final season, and today the network has revealed that that presumably extremely painful march towards sweet oblivion for Forrest will begin on March 16.


The first episode of the new season sees Forrest, having survived falling off of a bridge with producer Grant Gunderschmidt (James Urbaniak) at the end of season two, tasked with trying new fast-food concoction the “Locorito” from Mexican chain Neato Taquito’s. Of course, it’s not as simple as going out, buying one of these Locoritos, and eating it. It never is for Forrest. Instead, the assignment begins a chain of events that culminates in violent illness and a murder trial.

Review returns to Comedy Central on March 16. We give this news five stars.

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