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Reverse Jeopardy! tries—and fails—to turn the tables on Alex Trebek

All the attention lavished on his mustache has turned Alex Trebek into a contemptuous a-hole, and it’s about time someone took the Canadian bastard down a peg. New York-based comedy group Wooden Nickel Shorts takes on the challenge with Reverse Jeopardy! a one-minute, 16-second dramatization of what should be Trebek’s worst nightmare as Jeopardy! contestants try to stump him with a rapid-fire barrage of questions. But although it “should be” his worst nightmare, it isn’t; in the video, Trebek skillfully swats down every trivia-based challenge like Dikembe Mutombo playing one-on-one with a 12-year-old. We even see him gloating over his victory surrounded by his newly-humbled adversaries afterwards. Next time, Trebek. Next time.

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