Revenge Of The Nerds, with its one film sequel and two TV-movie sequels, might have had a shot as a never-ending, each-one-worse-than-the-last franchise, but a remake of the original has been shelved, according to Ain't It Cool News. Take comfort in knowing that the filmmakers' artistic daring was a big factor. That's right, the re-makers of Revenge Of The Nerds went down with integrity, or something:

I was never a fan of the idea of remaking NERDS, but according to [actor Curtis] Armstrong, the script was harsh, politically incorrect and not afraid to push the boundaries of taboo… Which didn't sit well at the two Universities they've tried to set up shop at.

According to IMDB, those two universities were Texas A & M and the University of Arizona. Christ, ever hear of shooting goofy college movies in Canada?