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Reunited: Bay and Bruckheimer, Cruise and Redstone

Hollywood's dream team—if your dreams involve gratuitous explosions, clumsy expository dialogue, and Aerosmith power ballads—Michael Bay and Jerry Bruckheimer haven't worked together since 2003's Bad Boys II, and while each has done profitable work since then (Bruckheimer with his pirates, Bay with his robots), their solo projects have lacked that signature je ne sais stupid that made their early collaborations some of the biggest films of the late '90s. Well, buck up Armageddon fans (the movie and the Armageddon): Yesterday Bruckheimer and Bay hinted that they are hoping to get the band back together, man, with an HBO series based on the 2006 documentary Cocaine Cowboys. Fittingly, the premise has the team's stunted adolescent style all over it, revolving around the cutthroat world of 1980s Miami drug dealers and Colombian cocaine kingpins—kind of like The Wire, but without all those pesky rich characters and dramatic subtext getting in the way.

Also in Hollywood reunion news: Viacom president Sumner Redstone has apparently forgiven Tom Cruise for his "erratic behavior" after very showily ending their 14-year relationship in 2006 amidst a haze of couch-jumping, Matt Lauer-berating, and Katie Holmes-imprisoning. The Viacom-owned Paramount Pictures is reportedly in talks with Cruise about returning for a fourth Mission: Impossible film, and when asked, Redstone said he had no objection, adding, "I consider Tom Cruise a great actor and a good friend." And what's a little bit of public shaming between friends—especially if they can bury the hatchet and make some easy money?

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