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Reunion news: Led Zeppelin, The New Kids

OK, so we promised not to report every half-assed Led Zeppelin reunion rumor floating around the Internets, but Houses Of The Holy has been big in the music rotation lately and it's just too hard to ignore Jimmy Page playing footsie with his over-eager fans. Turns out the band did enough prep work for a world tour before its charity gig in London last year, but an actual tour is out of the question until at least the fall due to Robert Plant's tour commitments with Alison Krauss. (Their record is actually really good. Check it out!) So, any hope you had of the juice running down your leg this summer should probably be killed, but the extra months will give Jimmy ample time to convince Satan to resurrect the real Bonham. Fingers crossed!

When Zep broke up after John B. drank 10 too many vodka shots, The New Kids On The Block filled the vacuum. Now they appear poised to do it again. The group will announce a reunion in the next few weeks, says People. Apparently Danny Wood's commitment to Alison Krauss wasn't as solid.

UPDATE: It looks like the New Kids reunion might not be happening after all. But Danny Wood is still releasing a new solo record in March … in Australia.


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