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Retrace Jon Snow and Tyrion Lannister’s steps with these Game Of Thrones supercuts

Photo: HBO

Now that the long night of Game Of Thrones’ offseason has begun, we can take stock of its main players’ journeys. YouTuber TheGaroStudios was up for the challenge of condensing six seasons’ worth of character developments into a couple of well-executed vignettes that eschew chronological retelling for each character’s emotional beats. The first is “Jon Snow: King In The North,” which is also a handy reminder of the importance of that whole R+L=J thing to Snow’s story.

The second video, “Tyrion Lannister: Hand Of The Queen,” is possibly even better for the transformative nature of Tyrion’s story. The creator says the video “was challenging and it was really hard to make… Tyrion’s life is so complicated, complex, and beautiful.”

These videos are able to nix all the stuff that didn’t work and focus on the core storytelling that did. So this kind of GOT hype video will have to tide us over until season seven debuts sometime next year.


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