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Retirement is calling in the new trailer for Bad Boys For Life

While Mike (Will Smith) has always loved the adrenaline-pumping action folded into his detective work with the Miami PD, best friend and understandably cautious partner Marcus (Martin Lawrence) has had one foot firmly out the door for a while. In the latest trailer for Bad Boys third installment, Miami’s dynamic (and astonishingly reckless) duo appear to be edging towards their end when Mike is reassigned to a new team. Dubbed AMMO, Mike compares the young tactical force to “a high school musical boy band with guns” just before the shot cuts to Vanessa Hudgens gleefully loading her weapon. Nice.


Marcus, on the other hand, is finally preparing for retirement, and he has never looked more at peace than he does while microwaving a Hot Pocket in his robe. However, a Bad Boys film (or a Jerry Bruckheimer production, in general) wouldn’t be complete without a proper round of property-damaging bullshit, so he agrees to one last ride with his hot-headed best buddy. The trailers haven’t revealed much information about the villain this time around, but we’re sure they will be appropriately menacing.

Bad Boys For Life reunites much of the original core cast—including Theresa Randle and Joe Pantoliono as the perpetually stressed Captain Howard—while adding some new faces like Hudgens, Riverdale’s Charles Melton, and Vikings’Alexander Ludwig. The third and likely final installment comes 16 years after Bad Boys II. The biggest surprise here is that Miami is somehow still standing.

Bad Boys For Life crashes into theaters January 20, 2020.