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Rest your weary soul with this collection of the safest places in video games

Dark Souls
Screenshot: Twitter

You do not need us to tell you that Twitter is bad. Nor do you need us to tell you that video games are, by and large, good. Both are compulsive time-sucks, one giving us naught but tension and a vague sense of apocalyptic introversion and the other one giving us big, interesting places to explore and mechanized worlds full of decisions and activities and stories.

And so it is with exactly zero reservations that we recommend you follow @TheSaferooms, a Twitter account devoted exclusively to those blissful hallows in video games where you are completely and utterly safe. Maybe an acoustic guitar starts playing. Maybe there’s no music at all. Maybe you can upgrade your weapons here, or save your game. Maybe it’s just a brief respite from the drama and danger and decision-making waiting for you just outside.


No matter what, you love these spaces. Curated by Dillon Rogers, an indie developer working on a “Victorian survival-horror FPS” called Gloomwood, the account is a monument to some of the most anxiety-reducing spaces in games. Many, but not all of them, are from survival-horror games, where the safe room is a uniquely sacrosanct convention. Please, enjoy some safeness:


Wasn’t that nice? And safe? Let’s never leave.

[via Rock Paper Shotgun]


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