Given director Atom Egoyan’s tendency to gravitate towards emotionally complex family dramas dealing with grief and the fallout of genocide, and super-hunk Ryan Reynolds’ tendency to gravitate towards material that allows him to strut around smug and shirtless for 80 percent of a given film’s running time, it’s only inevitable that the two would eventually work together, especially given that they are both Canadian. Sure enough, Egoyan (who recently directed an opera) and Reynolds (who recently summoned a life-sized Hot Wheels race track using a magical power ring in Green Lantern) will be teaming up for Queen Of The Night, a psychological thriller scheduled to begin shooting next February in Ontario.

According to Deadline, Reynolds plays a “father who discovers a series of disturbing clues eight years after his daughter is abducted, a trail that leads him to believe the now-17-year old girl is alive. He is determined to find her.” Considering the levels of determination Reynolds has exhibited across his robust body of work—be it as a terminal slacker purposefully injecting pastries with dog semen in Van Wilder, or a truck driver attempting to punch his way out of a coffin in Buried—definitely don’t doubt it. The Deadline article also has Egoyan complimenting the “richness” of Reynolds career, with Reynolds parrying by praising Egoyan’s erotic laugher Chloe. If anything of that back-and-forth rapport translates to the big screen, expect Queen Of The Night to be hilarious.