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Illustration for article titled Reports of Nora Ephrons death prove premature, but she is gravely ill

Nora Ephron received a premature obituary from friend Liz Smith today, who wrote what appeared to be a eulogy for her friend suggesting that the screenwriter known for romantic comedies like Sleepless In Seattle and When Harry Met Sally had died. After sparking a flurry of concerned follow-up reports—and even prompting other close acquaintances to begin paying their respects—numerous sources have confirmed that Ephron is not dead, among them the New York Times and NBC News. However, the actual news is not particularly good: TMZ spoke to Ephron's family, who confirmed that Ephron—who reportedly is suffering from a rare form of leukemia—is currently in the hospital and "gravely ill," with some saying she is "not expected to make it through the night."


Update: The New York Times and other sources are confirming Ephron's death. We will have an obituary posted shortly.

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