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Reports of bounced checks suggest Insane Clown Posse may not be all that financially responsible

Only days after it was suggested that working for a man named “Dirty Dan” might not provide the most courteous environment for a young lady, a new Associated Press report indicates that the Insane Clown Posse may not be particularly serious about its financial responsibilities. The Hardin County Sheriff’s Department, along with several vendors, says that checks received for services rendered at this year’s Gathering Of The Juggalos have bounced—bounced, presumably, like a psycho-schizo freak who just doesn’t give a fuck—leaving them to complain that they’re still owed thousands of dollars from Psychopathic Records, where one of the few things they’re not crazy about is proper budgeting.

Among the more than $300,000 in expenses still owed by the label—which is a business based on selling rapping clown music to people who like to saw off their own nipples, as well as the most batshit, wigged-out bookkeeping you’ve ever seen—are some $54,000 in payments for providing electricity to the festival, a number that definitely seems inflated, considering electricity is magic and everywhere. Meanwhile, Hardin County Sheriff Jerry Fricker says he received his own “decent” check prior to the Gathering as a donation toward purchasing “protective vests,” “stun guns,” and other things one might need to provide security there. But Fricker wisely waited to see if the check would clear before ordering any of those things, telling the Southern-Illinoisan, “I’m kind of old fashioned” in his dealings with crazy murder-clown festivals, a homespun wisdom that has once again served him well.


“Unfortunately, in our attempt to provide the best possible event for our fans, expenses exceeded estimates and expectations, which we had not previously planned for,” Psychopathic Records said in the most tripped-out, crunk-ass acknowledgement of financial obligation ever written, saying it has “no intention of turning its back” on the vendors it owes, and pledging that it is currently “preparing a plan” to take care of all vendors, presumably on a mad, chunky-phat installment basis. It remains to be seen whether that plan will satisfy vendors to the point of returning to next year’s Gathering, or whether they will henceforth choose to work only with responsible, sane clown posses.

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