Now that anybody who didn't already know that The Replacements are awesome is being clued in via a series of reissues of the band's early albums, surviving members Paul Westerberg and Tommy Stinson (sigh) are talking reunion. According to Billboard the band has received "lucrative" offers from Coachella and other festivals to reform, and Westerberg and Stinson came close to accepting. Not that today's version of The Replacements would be the same as the one on all those great records—Bob Stinson died in 1995, and Chris Mars is retired. Stinson seems more keyed up to dust off the 'Mats than Westerberg, who sums up his (and many fans') misgivings perfectly: "I'm very hesitant about dragging the name out there and what damage we could do to the legend. Whatever we did, someone would want something else. If I went up there straight, they'd want us wasted. If we were fucked up, they'd want us to be this or that."