In addition to renewing Louie, FX landed another victory for the forces of good comedy today by ordering a pilot from Reno 911!’s Thomas Lennon and Ben Garant called U.S.S. Alabama, which is set aboard a spaceship populated with “a crew of space-farers that are about as smart as the Reno! cops.” (You know, you could just call it Reno 911! In Space and we’d all be okay with that. No need to dance around it.) If the show is picked up, the series could debut as early as next year. Speaking of Reno 911!, we never got around to embedding this Funny Or Die clip where Lennon and Garant critique the Reno 911! porn parody, so we’ll just go ahead and do that now. [This is NSFW, unless you work with small, impressionable children and/or your grandmother.]

Reno 911 XXX Parody Review w/ Thomas Lennon & Ben Garant from Thomas Lennon