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Reno 911’s Niecy Nash joins The Mindy Project

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According to TV Line, Reno 911’s Niecy Nash will be appearing on Fox’s The Mindy Project during its upcoming third season. She’ll be playing Dr. Jean Fishman, a “tough Bostonian physician” who will be a new rival for Kaling’s character. We assume that means she’ll have little patience for Mindy’s wacky bullshit, but unlike every other character on the show, she won’t end up finding the wacky bullshit charming. Also, in TV Line’s words, she “happens to be a lesbian.” That suggests—at the very least—this storyline will probably help The Mindy Project improve its scores on the Bechdel test, which is information that we know everyone feels strongly about.


We don’t have much beyond that, but it’s a safe bet that none of the doctors on Mindy will be using computers, since that idea has already been taken by Jason Katims’ new show. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’s Rob McElhenny will also pop up on The Mindy Project next season as a tough Bostonian physician who happens to be a lesbian, but that might not be entirely true. Either way, Mindy comes back on September 16.

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