Renny Harlin’s next project will be with Jackie Chan, according to a Variety news item that is unfortunately dated today, May 20, 2014, and not 20 years ago. Chan—who would have been fresh off of Drunken Master II, were this 1994—will star as a Hong Kong detective whose niece is kidnapped by a crime syndicate. Because it’s 2014, the niece will be played by Fan Bingbing and not Michelle Yeoh.

The film—which you would probably enjoy if it were made in 1994, but will probably not see because it’s being made right now—is titled Skiptrace, and will be co-produced by China’s Talent International Film. Harlin—who, again, was one of Hollywood’s most reliable blockbuster directors 20 years ago, but is now a gun-for-hire—replaces original director Sam Fell (ParaNorman), who was set to make his live-action debut with the project.


Seann William Scott will play Chan’s “mouthy American” sidekick, a role which would have probably gone to Rob Schneider, if this were the 1990s.