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Remo Williams is coming back to the big screen, thanks to Shane Black

Exciting those who fondly recall the early days of VHS as well as fans of really chunky turtlenecks, Remo Williams is set to make a return to the big screen, for the first time since 1985’s Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins became the biggest lie of a movie title since The NeverEnding Story. Indeed, the adventure began and ended with that film, in which Fred Ward played the tough cop turned kung fu assassin for the secretive organization CURE, which took down 1980s threats by playing songs that made them really weepy about their ex-girlfriends.

But now Remo Williams, the adventure continues with a new movie from Shane Black, who’s been hired to direct a fresh adaptation of Warren Murphy’s pulp novel series The Destroyer, with Fight Club’s Jim Uhls handling the script. As Deadline notes, the story combines Shane Black-friendly slick action with opportunity for sardonic humor—not to mention Remo’s Korean mentor Chiun, which should make it plenty attractive to the foreign box office. It’s unclear where The Destroyer fits in with Black’s already very crowded schedule of The Nice Guys, his Predator reboot, and his ongoing attempts at Doc Savage, but perhaps this is finally enough pulp for him for now.


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