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Reminisce about Chris Evans' beard with this thrilling trailer for The Red Sea Diving Resort

Chris Evans’ Captain America suffered a traumatic loss in Avengers: Endgame when he—spoiler alert—decided to shave his fabulous Infinity War beard. The rest of the movie was fine, but it was hard not to miss his whiskers when he was smashing Thanos with Mjolnir. Luckily, Netflix is here to take us back to a world where Chris Evans had a beard with The Red Sea Diving Resort, a thriller “inspired by remarkable true life rescue missions” in which international operatives worked to help evacuate Sudanese refugees through an abandoned hotel. To be honest, the movie doesn’t look like it’s going to take home too many Oscars (that “we’re all just refugees, aren’t we?” voiceover sure is something), but The Red Sea Diving Resort does have Michael K. Williams, Ben Kingsley, and Chris Evans with a beard. Do you really need much else?

If not, this will be on Netflix on July 31.


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