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Pictured: A.V. Club staff

We mentioned it a couple months back, but here’s a reminder for anyone in the Seattle area over Labor Day weekend: The A.V. Club will appear at Bumbershoot as part of its Words & Ideas programming, alongside people like Kevin Smith and Matt Mira (doing a live version of their Frasier-centered podcast Talk Salad & Scrambled Eggs), Jerry Stahl and Michelle Tea talking about parenting, and some “scary” feminists, not to mention the festival’s packed lineup of music, comedy, dance, film, and more.

What are we going to be doing, you sarcastically ask, making dumb Simpsons references onstage? No! Well, maybe. But that won’t be all of it. Live on stage we will determine what is the quintessential piece of Seattle pop culture for our Pop Culture Time Capsule. We’ll play A.V. Club Match Game with the audience, and we’ll talk to a few surprise guests.


It’s going to be fun. Tickets, including single-day passes, are still available at bumbershoot.com.

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