Screenshot: YouTube

Itā€™s hard to compete with events in a week that includes Easter Sunday, 4/20, High-Five Day, and Record Store Day, but itā€™s after 5 p.m. on Friday, so here we are: Eight years ago, Kirsten Dunst made a video of ā€œTurning Japanese,ā€ the unlikely 1980 hit by one-hit wonders The Vapors.

Dangerous Minds recalls that the video was directed by Charlieā€™s Angels director McG and produced by ā€œprolific Japanese pop artist Takashi Murakami, whose signature ā€˜superflatā€˜ style involves heavy use of turbo-sexualized images of women dressed up as little girls and women with exaggerated cleavage.ā€ Dunst does her part in a bright blue wig and schoolgirl skirt as she cavorts through various Tokyo intersections. But the video would be a whole lot better if Dunst had picked a key that worked: She combines two octaves here, but sheā€™s straining on the high notes and gets lost in the deeper ones.


The video was part of a 2009 exhibition called Pop Life: Art In A Material World that ran at Londonā€™s Tate Modern in 2009. Its colorful pop art sensibilities are certainly interesting, and you have to commend Dunst for committing to a bit. But you might prefer the 1980 original video, which is a bit more minimalist, but has much better vocals. Happy weekend, everybody!