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Remember when they promised to remake Commando last? They lied

There’s no point in gnashing teeth over the lack of original script ideas at this point; you’re only going to end up with some sort of abscess or something and have to be fitted for a mouth-guard. But we understand that when it comes to remaking a film like 1985’s Commando—which was less about a memorable story and more about the inimitable chemistry between Arnold Schwarzenegger and a shitload of grenades, and lines like, “Don’t disturb my friend—he’s dead tired” that only work when delivered in a flat Austrian accent—it’s a bit more vexing than most. Deadline reports that a reboot of the film that launched Rae Dawn Chong into superstardom is currently in the hands of Training Day writer David Ayer, who will supposedly put “his own real-world spin” on the original’s premise of a retired special forces operative who must team up with a flight attendant to kill the rival of an exiled dictator who’s kidnapped his daughter. Which, again, if a fresh “spin” is what they’re going for, it seems as though they could have just created their own version of that kind of story without telling anyone it was a remake. Ah, but then no one would be writing about it long before the script is even finished, so maybe we’re beginning to see the value in remakes after all…


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