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Remember Tupac? He’s back...in restaurant form!

Photo collage: Mike Vago (Screengrabs: Big Night, Above the Rim)

Twenty years after his murder, Tupac Shakur remains one of hip-hop’s greatest icons, and we, as a culture, have finally shown the late rapper and actor enough respect to stop cheapening his legacy with tacky gimmicks like hologram concerts or posthumous releases with almost no original material. Now, we can finally remember Tupac the way he would want to be remembered: as a theme restaurant.

Yes, Pitchfork reports that California’s Take 3 Burgers is opening a pop-up restaurant in rap mecca Fresno, “inspired by” some of Shakur’s “sketches and brainstorms.” The Powamekka Café, the not-at-all-cynical attempt to cash in on Shakur’s musical legacy, will open on September 13, the 20th anniversary of the rapper’s death. And what better way to commemorate a gruesome unsolved murder than with “the California Love Chicken Sandwich, Hennessey Apple Butter chicken wings, a Mac-and-Cheeseburger, and Thug Passion cake pops.” As true fans know, Tupac was about three things: hearin’ hoochies screamin’, keepin’ it real like penitentiary steel, and cake pops.


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