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Remember #TheDress sensation? It’s back, in emoji form

Remember in college, when you’d go home for the summer and see your friends who never left your hometown? You’d have a decent enough time, but all they’d talk about was the fun times in high school. And then a queasy, sad feeling would come over you as you’d realize they’re going to spend the rest of their lives clinging to nostalgia, trying in vain to recreate a magic that’s receding further and further into memory. Why’d we mention that? Oh, no reason. Hey, guess what: The internet has crowned a new #TheDress.

It’s not another dress, but emoji. This time around, publications from BuzzFeed to E! Online to the august Telegraph to, for some reason, Good Housekeeping are insisting that a Twitter poll on the three monkey emoji is “breaking the internet.” Twitter star @jonnysun recently posed the following question to his followers:


The poll quickly blew up, capturing the attention of meme-hungry media outlets along the way. The official Twitter account has now even gotten in on the action, and the poll is still running through May 15. The answer, incidentally, that we may unbreak the internet, is obviously that it’s three different monkeys, per Japanese tradition. C’mon, internet—they even have names.

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