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If you’re old enough—and Lord, does it make us sad that this is now something you can remember if you’re “old enough,” like there are now, “You know you’re a child of the ‘90s if…” e-mail forwards—then you remember that great, shimmering bastard of an operating system, Windows 95. You remember the way it worked but also had severe limitations. You remember the way it really tried to make PCs more like Macs but missed much of the Mac’s functionality. You remember the way that Microsoft paid out of its nose to get the rights to The Rolling Stones’ “Start Me Up” for the advertising campaign. You remember when Microsoft was a thing people shook their fists at, instead of just another tech company. And surely you remember the way it was a gateway to Lovecraftian horror. What? You don’t? Well, it’s a good thing the Tumblr Windows ’95 Tips is around to keep you appraised of this fact. Go there and remember all the terrifying things the OS used to make you do just to keep running, then be thankful we’re all much more civilized nowadays, and using Ubuntu, or whatever it is the kids are up to. (We’re too cranky to learn anything new, so we’re still using Windows 95. Help us. Please.)


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