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Remember the good times with 4 extra minutes of Spider-Man: Far From Home footage

These two friends may never see each other again.
Photo: Sony Pictures

Sony and Marvel Studios may be breaking up, with Sony taking full custody of the Spider-Man movies and all of the money they’ve been bringing in, but we’ll always have the memories. Remember when Spider-Man took Captain America’s shield, and he was like “I’m from Queens, you’re from Brooklyn, Empire Strikes Back is an old movie” at the airport? Or when he found out that Michael Keaton was that girl’s dad? Or when he died and then came back and then Iron Man died? Thankfully, we’re all going to have one last chance to make new Marvel Cinematic Universe memories with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, but those new memories are going to come out to just about four minutes.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sony is planning to rip off Avengers: Endgame’s “now with a new hat!” scheme by rereleasing Spider-Man: Far From Home in theaters during Labor Day with “four minutes of new footage.” The four minutes apparently comes in an “action sequence,” so it won’t be spread out over the whole runtime in some odd way, but that’s just about all we know. We don’t know when it happens, we don’t know who it involves, and we don’t know if it’ll have unfinished effects like the extra footage crammed into Endgame. Maybe it’ll be about Mysterio ranting about how letting one giant company control everything is ruining movies? That’d be surprisingly timely.


Far From Home has already made over $1 billion, and it’ll add to that total when it comes back to theaters on August 29.

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